The Truth About Cameron Diaz and Her Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction and the Endless Spiral

Cameron Diaz is a beautiful and famous actress; on the surface of things it looks like she has the perfect life, but could her wellness and wellbeing be affected by a sexual health problem? The actress reportedly told an Italian magazine that she is obsessed with sex. She advocated sex instead of counselling or turning to alcohol or drugs, saying that doing it several times a day can be very beneficial when you are going through difficult times.


Diaz is currently filming new movie The Counsellor, alongside some of the hottest men in Hollywood, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem and Michael Fassbender. These three Hollywood hotties are famed for their sexiness and intimacy, so Cameron Diaz can certainly be excused for having sex on her mind at the moment!


Penelope Cruz, the Spanish beauty who is also appearing in the cast of this film, will not escape Diaz’s notice just because she is female either – the celebrity has admitted that she quite likes the idea of experimenting with another woman. She says that she is not a lesbian but likes the idea of being with another woman, ideally someone who is beautiful but also intelligent.


This is not the first time that Diaz has hit the headlines for her obsession with sex. Back in 2011 she famously said on the Jimmy Kimmel show that she loves porn, and loves staying in hotels because of how discrete they are.


As recently as earlier in 2013 she told magazine British Vogue that she thinks the fountain of youth should be made up of healthy diet, exercise, water, laughter and lots of sex, going on to say that she sees sex as something healthy and natural – what human beings are supposed to do.


Some say that Cameron Diaz is just a healthy, hot-blooded woman, whilst others say that she is in the three to six per cent of people in the United States who are suffering from a sex addiction.