Holiday Blues? How to Beat Depression During the Holidays

holiday depression

You may really want to enjoy the holiday season and take part in the festive celebrations for which this time of the year is intended. However, when you feel more sad and despondent during the holidays, you actually may be suffering from depression. People who suffer from depression often experience a worsening of their symptoms during this time of year. You can cope with, if not overcome, your depression when you follow several key pieces of advice.


Avoid Alcohol Consumption

You may be tempted to drown your sadness and lack of interest in liquor. However, consuming alcohol, even in small amounts, should be the last thing you should do when you are feeling depressed. Alcohol is a natural depressant and can only aggravate your symptoms. As much as you may crave a beer or a shot of whiskey, you should avoid this temptation and choose another beverage instead.



Gauge Social Tolerance

Your ability to tolerate being around others can change frequently during the holidays. One day you may be able to tolerate being around your friends and relatives; the next day, the thought of having company or spending time with others could turn your stomach. You should decide on a daily basis how much you can put up with being around other people. When you need to be alone, try to go home or find a place where you can enjoy solitude. Do not force yourself to be social if you are not in the mood for company.



Look Past the Holidays

It may seem like the holidays go on forever. However, they are actually just a few short weeks out of your schedule. Try focusing on the weeks after Thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact, many people begin their tax preparations in January. You could get a jump start on doing your taxes by using this activity as a diversion from the holidays.



Avoid All Things Holiday

You may not be able to go to the grocery store or the mall without being inundated with seasonal reminders. If you still need to purchase gifts, you can do online for gifts and decor and skip the stores altogether. Even so, when you are at home or driving to work, you should try to avoid all hints of the holidays. Turn off Christmas movies on TV, and change the radio station when the station starts to play Christmas music. You can turn on an all-news channel instead.



Accept and Embrace

Sometimes the best cure for your depression during Christmas is just to accept the season and embrace it for what it is. Sometimes seasonal depression results from intense narcissism and the inability to focus on others in your life during this time of year. If you have children, try focusing on their joy when they unwrap presents. If you plan to visit family on Christmas, think about how happy they will be to see you. Preventing yourself from thinking only about yourself and your misery can help you begin to enjoy the holidays.


Many people like you suffer from depression during the holiday season. You can make the season more tolerable, if not more enjoyable, by remembering these important suggestions.

Melanie Fleury has watched family members go through depression during holiday times. For her family, the solution was to find joy in the giving and not to dwell on what was missing. She found that decorating with decor that celebrates family, and finding shopping sites like, helps to spread Christmas cheer to others while cheering up yourself.