How To Enjoy Sex In Your 70s

70s sex

70s sexThe topic of sex amongst senior citizens is a bit of a taboo one. Many people of this age come from a generation where sex is not commonly discussed and is thought of as something that is private between a man and a woman. This attitude, however right-thinking, may be having an impact on sexual health however, as older people with an active sex life feel less able to ask for help with aspects of their sex life.

When it comes to physical wellness, senior citizens are adept at taking any medication, vitamins, minerals and supplements that they may need, and are more than happy to consult doctors and medical professionals for virtually any other area of the anatomy. When it comes to sex, however, it’s far more of a closed-door. This is leading to an increase in sexually transmitted infections in older people.

A culture that is not comfortable with senior sex also contributes to this, as people think of old people being sexual as ‘gross’, and this means that it is not something that is often talked about openly. Many professionals believe, however, that in order to safeguard the older generations from STIs and other problems, such as sexual assault, we must become more open to discussing sexual wellbeing with the grandparents of today.

According to statistics, STIs are growing in this age group, especially those such as Herpes and Syphilis. This is thought to be due, in part, to less condom use in the older generations. Women over the age of 40 may be far less likely to insist on the use of condoms, due to the fact that she is no longer able to get pregnant. Older men who suffer from erectile problems may also avoid condoms as they may fear that they are an added barrier to sexual fulfillment.