Won’t Someone Think Of The Children? Obesity Strikes Again

Won't Someone Think Of The Children Obesity Strikes Again

Eating healthily is more important than ever and it’s not just the media’s idealised view of people which is saying you should lose weight. Are you aware of the health concerns being consistently overweight or obese can cause? Obesity has been linked to diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cardiac arrest, asthma, certain cancers and even eczema. It’s the singular reason behind the boom in type two diabetes and it is currently at epidemic levels world wide.

You know what’s worse than all those threats to your own health? Threats to your children’s. Obesity affects kids too and they’re just as likely to develop health issues as you are but they’re younger and less likely to handle them as well as you do. It’s up to you make changes in their lives to make sure they live as long as they should and you should start at home.

It’s important that children have a decent role models when it comes to eating properly so if you’re going to try and enforce weight loss and healthier life for them then you’re going to have to get involved yourself! Work out what they like and which of those foods are healthy, try and form meals around their healthier favourites and work from there. If you’re having issues with getting them to eat certain things then do what my Mother did to me, chop it up small and put it in a pasta sauce!

Try making small swaps that they won’t notice. Wholegrain pasta in a tomato sauce will look just the same as normal pasta in a sauce and be a lot better for them, oven baked sweet potato chips are much better for kids than oven baked potato chips etc.

The earlier you make these changes the more effective they’ll be. Children are much more adaptable than adults are.