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Could Interventions Improve Teenage Sexual Wellness?
Could Interventions Improve Teenage Sexual Wellness?
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Article Author : csatchell (March 29, 2013)

Participating in a youth development intervention could make all the difference to a teenager’s sexual wellbeing. This is according to the results of a randomised controlled trial, which found that teenage girls at increased risk of pregnancy reported more regular use of condoms, oral contraception, or both after attending in such an intervention.

For the study, which was published online by JAMA Paediatrics, over 250 sexually active teenage girls participated the Prime Time youth development intervention. The Prime Time intervention is designed for American primary care medical centres, to improve the sexual health of girls who are at increased risk of getting pregnant. Research presented last year at the American Public Health Association’s 140th Annual Meeting, showed that low literacy rates in pre-teen girls significantly predict child-bearing among adolescents in the US.

Six months after the intervention was completed, Renee E Sieving, RN, PhD, FSAHM, of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and colleagues observed sexual risk behaviours and outcomes with a two-year follow-up questionnaire. By teaming up with case managers and intervention components, including youth leadership, the main aim of the study was to encourage change in certain psychosocial attributes associated with sexual risk behaviours and other behavioural wellness outcomes. 93.3% of the 253 sexually active girls between 13 and 17 years of age who met the specified risk criteria completed the 24-month survey.

The researchers reported, ‘Findings suggest that health services grounded in a youth development framework can lead to long-term reductions in sexual risk among vulnerable youth.’ At the 24-month follow-up, compared to the control group, the girls in the intervention group reported ‘significantly more consistent’ use of condoms, hormonal contraception, dual-method contraception (using both hormonal contraception and condoms). These girls also demonstrated improvements in family connectedness and self-confidence to say no to unwanted sex, as well as reductions in the perceived significance of having sex.

‘Together with previous findings demonstrating reductions in sexual risk behaviours, relational aggression and violence victimisation among Prime Time participants, results from this study suggest that involvement in a youth development intervention that combines individualised case management and youth leadership components holds great promise for preventing multiple risk behaviours among youth most vulnerable to poor health outcomes, including early pregnancy,’ the researchers concluded.

Child Wellness

Is Home Schooling a Healthy Choice for Childr...
  Written by Jenny Catton   When children or families feel let down by the education system, some parents take the decision to home school their kids. But is leaving school to learn at home a positive experience for children?   Yes – Carla My daughter has above average intelligence for her age but didn’t receive the support she needed in school. She found the lessons too easy and it was obvious that the other children were holding her back. Because she was so bright, she stood out from the rest of her classmates which sadly made her a target for bullying. The teachers tried their best but with a class of 30 kids, it was impossible to give each child individual attention and ultimately, the naughty children got most of the teacher’s time. We saw that our daughter was becoming bored, frustrated and unhappy at school and we knew if we wanted things to change, we’d have to take control of the situation ourselves. It wasn’t an easy decision but my husband quit his job in order to home school our daughter and it’s turned out to be the best thing we ever did. Now, our daughter is much happier, more confident and loves learning again. Home schooling offers so many benefits from providing a more flexible timetable to being able to teach your children the moral values that are important to your own family. As parents, it’s also given us a much greater role in our daughter’s education. Of course, it takes a lot of time and commitment but for some children home schooling is definitely a much more positive experience than learning at a traditional school.     No – Duncan I was home schooled and although at the time I thought it was great – no uniform or early starts – I now wonder what I missed out on. School isn’t just about lessons, it’s also an environment in which children learn to interact with one another and develop social skills. This is something I missed by being home schooled and as a result, I now find large groups intimidating and often find it hard to make myself heard in the workplace. When you’re home schooled, you tend to only have one teacher for all subjects. In my case it was my father. He was very interested in science-based subjects and this was reflected in the education I received. I feel that I didn’t have the opportunity to learn as much about other subjects such as music or art and worry that my education was rather unbalanced as a result. I know that some parents turn to home schooling when their child is facing problems at school. And although it’s natural to want the best for your child, I sometimes wonder if home schooling just teaches children to run away from problems. After all, adult life can be hard too and if you don’t learn to deal with difficult situations whilst at school, it can be much harder to adapt to the ups and downs of adult life.
Should Parents Allow Their Children to Drink ...
  Written  by Jenny Catton   In some countries, it’s common for children to be allowed a little alcohol at home with their parent’s supervision, such as when enjoying a meal. But for parents in other countries, the thought of encouraging alcohol consumption, no matter how little, seems very irresponsible. So should parents allow their children to drink alcohol in the home?   Yes – Sean Several studies have shown that children who are allowed to drink alcohol at home during meals are much less likely to binge drink later in life. This can be readily seen in countries such as France and Italy where children are offered wine with a meal and grow up to have a healthy attitude to alcohol. When you ban something completely it just makes it seem more appealing to children. I would much rather my child’s first experience of alcohol is a moderate amount at a family gathering, than getting drunk with their friends at night in a local park. And let’s face it, teenagers everywhere drink underage whether we like it or not, so it’s better to deal with it rather than trying to pretend alcohol doesn’t exist. Allowing your children to drink a little alcohol at home also gives you the opportunity to talk to them about safe alcohol consumption. You can explain the difference between wine and spirits, and the importance of not mixing drinks, or accepting drinks from strangers. If you don’t have these kinds of conversations, your kids will still drink but you won’t be there to guide them. Once children have tried alcohol at home, the novelty quickly wears off and so they’re less likely to go out and get drunk with their friends.     No - Terri Allowing children to drink in the home sends out the message that drinking underage is okay. This is bound to encourage children to drink more when they are with their friends and could lead them into serious trouble. Studies have shown that the children of parents that drink heavily are more likely to grow up to have an alcohol dependence themselves and so actively encouraging alcohol consumption in the home is incredibly irresponsible. The age limits set by governments are there for a reason and that’s because young bodies are not designed to cope with the stresses caused by alcohol consumption. Even older teenagers’ brains and bodies are still developing and alcohol can cause serious health problems if children start drinking at a young age. I’m sure no parent would want their child to be brought home by the police because they’ve been found drunk on the street but how can you possibly discipline your child for drinking outside the home if you allow it at home? Many different countries are currently dealing with health problems caused by alcohol – even countries that have a supposed ‘healthy attitude’ to alcohol consumption. As a result more and more people are suffering from serious illnesses due to excessive drinking and anything we can do to prevent our children from developing bad habits has to be a good thing and that includes banning underage drinking in the home.

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Do These 4 Things After Your Auto Injury to M...
  Injury stemming from automobile collisions and accidents tend to be the most problematic types of injury. They can result in paralysis of limbs, chronic pain in the back and extremities, and medical bills so costly that they can be just as crippling as the injuries you've sustained to your body. Below are four things that you should do after any auto injury to ensure that you can maintain the same quality of life that you had before your injury.  

1. Seek a Doctor

Doctors are some of your greatest allies when you've been part of an auto accident. They want to ensure that your injuries are properly diagnosed and treated so that you can be as healthy as possible. Seeking medical attention immediately after an
auto accident is generally the best idea. Doctors will help you prove that your injuries were sustained in the accident, and your prognosis for recovery is better the sooner your injuries are treated.  

2. Follow Your Treatment Plan

Depending upon your injuries, you may be given a treatment plan after you see your doctor. It's important to follow such plans, as they will greatly increase your quality of life after the incident occurs. For example, consider an accident that affected your shoulder. Orthopedic treatment can increase the range of flexibility, reduce soreness and eliminate chronic pain when performed in accordance to your health provider's advice.  

3. Acquire a Lawyer's Help

Your auto injury may put you in a position where you have hefty hospital bills and other costs related to retaining your quality of life after the accident. Finding an attorney from firms like Bachus & Schanker Law, can help you find a way to protect your legal rights while acquiring a form of compensation to help you with those costs.  

4. Always Maintain a Positive Outlook

The last major thing you should do after any automobile injury is to retain a positive outlook. The power of doing so can help your injuries heal faster and increase your quality of life even if your injuries may alter your life even after they heal.  

Improving Your Quality of Life after an Auto Injury Requires You to Do Your Part

Nothing about recovering from an automobile-related injury is ever easy due to the severity and complexity that most injuries present. The only good news is that you have your entire life ahead of you in such a situation. By doing your part to protect your rights and seek the proper treatment, you can minimize your injuries while retaining a quality of life that reflects the quality you had before your accident occurred.  
Do You Have These 4 Telltale Signs? You May H...
  Unexplained weight gain is a common symptom that sends a person to the doctor to get their thyroid checked. When levels of thyroid hormone get too low, the body’s processes start to slow down, which can result in weight gain. But there are other, less well-known signs that the thyroid is not doing what it is supposed to do.   Thyroid disease occurs when the butterfly-shaped gland located in the lower front of the neck isn’t working properly. A healthy thyroid gland secretes thyroid hormones that are sent to every tissue in the body. These hormones help you to use energy, stay warm, and keep all of the body’s organs working the way that they should. When the thyroid is not working properly, there is a wide range of symptom that can occur. The symptoms differ based on whether the thyroid is secreting too much thyroid hormone or not enough.  

Sensitivity to Cold

Are you always the person in the office who is complaining that it’s too cold? Sensitivity to cold can be a sign of an underactive thyroid, especially if it’s something that you are noticing more lately.  

Aches and pains

Have you been experiencing muscle aches, pains or cramping? This is another sign of a possible thyroid problem. Joint pain, especially in the shoulders and hips, is a possible sign of
thyroid disease.  

Memory Loss

Do you feel like you are experiencing brain fog? If you are finding your job more difficult to perform than it used to be, or feel like you are more forgetful, this can be due to an underactive thyroid. According to the American Thyroid Association, many older people ignore these signs thinking they are just a normal part of aging, when actually they are symptoms of a treatable thyroid problem.  


Have you tried to treat anxiety without success? According to the Chicago Weight Loss Clinic, anxiety that doesn’t respond to medication can be a sign of an overactive thyroid.   If you suspect that you have signs of thyroid disease, the only way to know for certain is to take a blood test that measures your thyroid hormone levels. Some of the signs of hyperthyroidism overlap with the signs of hypothyroidism, and some symptoms of thyroid disease are also present in other illnesses. Talk to a doctor to find out whether or not thyroid disease is the cause of your symptoms.  


Four Injuries Where You May be Entitled to Co...
  Sometimes, accidents just happen. You may fall down a perfectly clean and well-lit staircase due to losing your balance, or your car may hit a patch of black ice and slam into a pole. However, some injuries occur due to someone's willful actions, inattention or negligence. In these cases, you may be entitled to compensation to cover you medical bills, pain, suffering, future loss of income and other expenses. Here are four types of injuries that may entitle you to compensation.    

Domestic Animal Bites

It is the pet owner's responsibility to make sure their animal is well-trained and does not harm others. If a pet can't be trusted, it should be kept muzzled or in another room. However, some pet owners are irresponsible. These injuries can be disfiguring, as well as can cause emotional disturbances such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If you've suffered a mauling or
animal bite, you are likely entitled to some compensation.    

Hit by a Drunk Driver

Driving while intoxicated is perhaps one of the most irresponsible things a person can do. Not only is it a crime, it's the sort of behavior that has the potential to hurt many others in addition to yourself. If you were hit by a drunk driver, there is no excuse. Whether you were driving, cycling or walking, you need to speak to a lawyer about your specific case.    

At-Fault Car Accidents

Not every car accident involves clear fault, but many do. If the driver causing the accident was texting while driving, was driving carelessly or violated traffic laws, you likely have the right to compensation. This is also true if the driver who caused the accident was speeding or acting recklessly. Talk to a lawyer before you sign any paperwork or accept any deals, especially if their insurance company is pressuring you as this may be a sign that they know they are liable.    

Failure to Properly Maintain Property

Anyone can lose their balance and fall down a flight of clean, dry, well-lit steps. However, business owners are required to make sure their properties are well maintained. If you slipped and fell on ice or tripped over a hole in the carpet, you may be entitled to compensation.     Not every accident involves fault. However, there are plenty of injuries caused by incidents that could have been avoided all together had the person or persons involved been more careful. If you have been injured in an accident where someone else was at fault, you should speak to legal counsel before accepting a settlement.     Information Source: ColoradoLaw.Net    
What Should You Do If You Are Involved in a P...
  People who are injured are often not responsible for the events leading up to the situation. The injury could have been caused by the negligence of someone else, a defective product or improper safety measures in the workplace. This can lead to a dispute about who is liable for the injury. You should do several things if you are involved in a personal injury dispute.  

Save All Documentation

The first step is to start saving all documentation related to the incident, injury and medical treatments. Save everything from reports and receipts to communications from insurance companies and the liable parties. Keep the documents in a safe place and make copies whenever possible. This documentation can be invaluable for proving your statements.  

Visit Doctors Even For Minor Problems

Do not ignore minor injuries or problems with your body. Visit a medical professional whenever you think something is wrong. Some very mild or almost unnoticeable issues are symptoms of a much larger injury. Additionally, some injuries grow worse over time and can become permanent disabilities. Get to a doctor or hospital whenever you suspect something is wrong.  

Try To Gather Evidence/Keep Records

Evidence of what happened when you were injured will start to fade away almost immediately. This is especially true if the injury occurred in a public place or a storefront. Try to gather as much evidence as possible as early as you can. Ask friends to help. Get photos of the location. Look for witnesses who saw the event. Write down a description of the event on paper just as you remember it. Solid evidence is important for winning a personal injury dispute.  

Do Not Talk About the Incident with Other Parties

It is important not to talk about the details of the incident with the liable parties or even with insurance companies unless you have representation. You might inadvertently say something that can be misinterpreted later. You might be tricked into admitting liability for the injury or stating that the injury is not serious. Answer basic questions only and wait until you have representation to go into more detail.  

Contact a Lawyer Right Away

If you are involved in a personal injury dispute, then contact a lawyer right away. A personal injury lawyer will defend your personal rights and assemble a strong case. Your lawyer will help to collect evidence that can be used in negotiations and in court if necessary. Hiring an attorney gives you the best chance possible of winning fair compensation for everything you lost due to the injury. 
Las Vegas personal injury resources & information is a great place to go if you are looking for more information   Do not let insurers or the liable parties intimidate you from pursuing compensation for your injuries. You sometimes need to fight in order to prove your claim. With patience and the help of a lawyer, you can eventually get fair compensation to cover you damages.