The Amazing Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen

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Bee pollen is truly one of the most remarkable substances on the planet. More than just a complementary supplement, bee pollen actually possesses all the nutrients essential to sustaining human life. It contains 55% carbohydrates, 35% protein, 3% vitamins, 2% fatty acids, and 5% other components, which combined present a support to wellbeing that can rightly be termed a ‘super food’.


There is something very special about bee pollen that cannot be replicated by man-made versions. It is nature’s mini-miracle and we have only the bees to thank for it. Despite numerous attempts to synthesise pollen, science fails to identify the full chemical structure and has repeatedly failed in trying to mass-produce it. These unknown components could well be the ones that provide it which that extra-special something.


Among the many wellness benefits of bee pollen are its curative properties. A 1948 study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute showed ground-breaking results in its effect at slowing tumour growth; a study that unfortunately was not followed through to its conclusion. Exceptional results have also been seen in its effect on athletic performance; bee pollen is widely used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase strength and endurance. This claim is fully supported by the British Sports Council, which accepts a gain in strength of 40-50% in people who take it as a daily supplement. The reason for this is that it contains an incredible number of amino acids, which provide a flawless support for the strains of physical exercise.


In bee pollen we find a supplement that gives too many benefits to count. It is effective against cancer, diabetes, arthritis and depression, to name just a few. It stimulates metabolism and increases energy. It has a known antibacterial and detoxifying effect, and is useful in fighting the aging process. It is high in vitamins B, C and E, and can even be used as a skin treatment. A small teaspoon a day is sure to give you all these benefits and more!