Testosterone is an aphrodisiac for post-menopausal women

Testosterone is an aphrodisiac for post-menopausal women

There are all sorts of issues you can experience as you get older. In general things start to slow down and that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes life is better when you take it at a much more leisurely pace, you can appreciate more when you take the time to smell the roses. One area that you probably don’t want slowing down however, is your sex life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we all love sex. It’s healthy and fun so, the more you can have the better regardless of however old you may be.

Lacking libido can be a big issue as we get older and for men there are all sorts of ads on offer, women seems to get the short end of this stick however. Pardon the pun. There’s much less effective treatment on offer for older ladies than there is for older men, which often leaves those poor women having to deal with randy husbands with no desire to get down to it themselves. Don’t worry ladies; we’ve got a solution for you!

In a recent and massive study with subjects taken from right across the globe, it’s been shown that testosterone delivered via a hormone patch can be an effective treatment for postmenopausal ladies with low libidos! It’s yet to come into common use but it’s only a matter of time and before you know it you’ll find you and your husband are as sexually available as each other. Studies show that more sex makes people happier so why not partake?

If you’re interested in this treatment then talk to your GP for more information, you never know what could be on offer for you. A newly revitalised sex life could just be an appointment away, what do you have to lose!?